Take a load off

Thanks for stopping through. I've had this domain parked for quite a spell while I reclused in the mountains, got back to nature, simplified life and gathered my thoughts on how best to build this puppy out. Finally I just said "fuck it" and dove in. Figured with this covid-19 pandemic tsunami-ing the globe, probably better late then never.

Inside you'll find a treasure trove of stuff (observations, creations, experience, experiments, production, imagery and general tomfoolery... with maybe even a sprinkle of mayhem thrown in for good measure. I've had countless adventures during my short stay on this planet... planet earth.


I'm descended from ancestors that were early old west pioneers. My grandpa drove cattle up through the Sierra Nevadas in the late 1930's when he was a teenager. Then he fought in World War 2 in the U.S. Navy. And his father before him was an early settler farming in the lush and fertile California San Joaquin Valley. My parents were pretty much very loving, kind and open people. They had a deep sense of values, ethics and pride and were often first to lend a hand to the less fortunate. My dad was a Professor in his early days teaching at Florida State University, Pepperdine University and Fresno State University in the late sixties. Then he became an Accountant and owned his own firm. My mom was an angel and of course was team mom in all my soccer clubs. She was also a waitress at this Danish eatery called Valhalla for nearly 15 years and in addition taught aerobics at the local YMCA. My parents were really fucking cool human beings. They let my older brother Rich build skateboard ramps in our backyard in the early 1980s.


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