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Music and general audio delight has flowed through my veins as early as I can remember. My mom used to tell me that I started singing in the little church we attended when I was about 3 years old. Probably makes sense... since my folks and grandparents were always in local choirs, singing groups, barber shop quartets and church affiliated vocal groups.


Then when I was about 7 or 8 years old, my dad brought home a brown walnut grained bass ukalele (a 4-stringer) and let me have at it. I used to sit around watching cartoons after school and would pick out the tunes in the commercials while waiting for scooby doo or little rascals (or whatever shit i happen to be watching at the time), to come back on the set.

Then about 5th grade, I would roll over to my buddy Ryan McClain's house and play electric guitar (I think it was his older brothers) while Ryan played drums. We were both in the drum line at Crestwood Elementary School but I seemed to take to the strings more naturally, so that's how that little duo sorta panned out. Ryan on drums, me on guitar. We would play The Clash songs, The Beatles and other punk and classic rock tunes we were into.


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OLD ROY : 2019 - 2020

PEER PRESSURE : 2016 - 2019

FLYING TIGERS : 2012 - 2016

THE SUICIDES :  2007 - 2011

LEROI : 2005 - 2006

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GREYHOUNDS : 1999 - 2001

RANCH 51 : 1994 - 1999, VISALIA CA

THE McCLAINS : 1982 - 1985

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